Back School

Back School is a training system which restores and maintains the health of you back.

This class is open for everybody who wish to make their back stronger. Maybe you have been sitting for years or running too much – this one is for you!

In the class we talk about the system behind the exercises to make sure you learn about the right movement instead of just doing the exercises. Increasing the mobility of your spine helps reduce trauma in the future. You will learn to use your body in the most optimal way every day. It will work well for trauma recovery, to help you get moving again. It will also work in case of chronic back pain.

We advise to take part in at least 4 classes on consecutive weeks and then it is up to you how to continue. We welcome you back any time, even once a month to check in on your body.

We also offer this class as a personal training.


Back School 5 x                     100 €
Back School 1 x                      25 €

Read more about the class and schedule HERE.